Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cooking? Money? Profit? Probably not.

I've always been into cooking. If you've ever met my mother, you've probably heard her famous story about the first time she baked alone (at the age of three; don't ask me questions, I find that extremely bizarre and dangerous as well). I'm not a boaster or braggart so I rarely talk about my baking experience, but I do know that I was baking from a Mrs. Fields cookbook at the age of seven. My babysitters were lucky, because I didn't need their companionship very often; give me the ingredients to bake cookies and S.N.I.C.K. on a Saturday night and I was perfectly content. It must have been nice for my parents to come home to the smell of freshly baked cookies, most commonly peanut butter, as they were the simplest to make based on common kitchen ingredients. My parents rarely kept chocolate chips around because I would eat them by the handful, but peanut butter was always available, and this cookie recipe was golden!

Now that I'm a bit older than seven, I don't bake as frequently as I once did. Not because I don't enjoy the act of baking, but because I can't stand cleaning up after myself. If I had a little house-elf to clean up after me, I would be baking for everyone... constantly! Ya'll would be lucky to know me!

The above are vegan chocolate mint cupcakes that I invented a couple of years ago. I had never seen cupcakes with frosting and ganache prior to these bad boys, and I definitely created a hit. The cake itself is dark chocolate with a hint of mint, the frosting is a mint buttercream, and the ganache is bittersweet chocolate.

I think I'm going to start baking again. If you're lucky, you'll see these yourself.


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