Friday, January 21, 2011

Big Love vs. Small Love

I've been watching a lot of Big Love lately. By "a lot," I mean that I've watched 21 episodes in the past few days. Considering that each episode is approximately 52 minutes long, that means that I've watched about 18.2 hours of the show in less than a week; i.e. I've devoted nearly an entire calendar day to a television program.

I can't explain exactly what makes Big Love so appealing; something about the mixture of polygamy with a mundane suburban lifestyle is absolutely fascinating to me. Like pretty much every ignorant person in the United States, we all think of polygamy as disgusting and weird, and maybe even a little bit perverse. It's STRANGE. Why would any woman willingly marry a man who wants to marry other women? I know that if my boyfriend told me he wanted to "take a second wife" I would slap him across the face (or maybe something a bit less physically violent). I don't know if it's my natural jealousy or if it's perfectly normal to feel this way, but I feel quite entitled to having my boyfriend all to myself. All other females can go cry themselves to sleep, because he is not bringing anyone else into the picture as long as we're together.

Does that sound possessive? Maybe it does, but everyone I know would feel exactly the same in regards to his/her relationship. I don't need to keep tabs on Jess; hell, he can go do whatever he wants, as long as he's being safe and not dating other women. That's the key, you see; not dating other women. I cannot even fathom being comfortable with that thought. I understand that there are all types of relationships, including the polyamorous type. I don't care how people choose to love, but these "Sister Wives" are... well, they're stronger than I am. More confident? Or maybe just stupid? (Sorry for that. I'm trying, trying, trying not to be judgmental!)

Or maybe I watch Big Love because it's entertaining. Plus, just LOOK at Ginnifer Goodwin! She is adorable! I want to pat her on the head! I want to adopt her! Exclamation points!!!


  1. Jessica dear, I have wondered about sharing my man (my man meaning my hypothetical man since I don't actually have a man at this moment) with others too, first when I watched Big Love and then again when I watched TLC's Sister Wives (reality show). The girls on Sister Wives would talk about how nice it was to have other women around to share things/stories with but never really seemed to have anything positive to say about actually sharing their husband with 3 other woman. I wonder if they know that they could live with other people and not necessarily share their husband? I actually sorta like the idea of living with other people. Even after I get hitched and have children I think it would be nice to have some sort of (hippie) compound or something with a few families living on it. But everyone would have their own mate (if they want one) and some kind of personal space.

    So yeah, I am going to try to do this and then contact TLC about it and hopefully have a reality show and get rich. Want to join me? Jess can be our farmer.