Saturday, January 8, 2011

Yet another post at 2-something a.m.

I'm currently reminiscing about the fun times I had with the kids at my last nanny job. I really miss the girls a whole lot, since they spent the most time with me; they're incredibly bright, talented kids with very bright futures. I was the one to quit, and I did it for a lot of reasons. Being a nanny makes it hard to travel because the family depends on you (as they should), and given that I was trying to get through the last month of school made everything extra stressful for me. On my last day, the 8-year-old (Isabel) sat on my lap and hugged me, which nearly drove me to tears in front of her (I managed to hold back my pitiful whimpering until I was driving away).

It's hard to be a big part of someone's life and then cut off contact so abruptly. The guilt that I felt made it ridiculously hard for me to leave them, but it would have been selfish to stay. I have too much going on to commit to a family anymore. It's sad. I was a nanny for four years and it helped me grow up a lot, while retaining playfulness and a sense of humor. All three kids taught me a lot about... well, everything. I feel sad right now. I think I'll contact my ex-boss tomorrow (i.e. today) when I wake up and ask about taking out the kids (although I doubt the 12-year-old boy will want to come with us... he's much too grown up... ha!). I would really hate if I never got to see them again.

This may possibly be the most sentimental I'll get on here. I'm feeling glum because I still don't know when I'll next see my boyfriend.


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