Monday, January 17, 2011

My hair would qualify as "BAD HAIR"

My boyfriend has been urging me to watch Good Hair for at least a month, and I finally decided to turn it on. It's a very interesting documentary about African hair in American culture and the options black women have to change its natural feel/texture. Chris Rock does the interviews so the film is pretty funny due to his silly puns, but there's a definite sadness in hearing the stories of some of these women. I personally think natural African hair looks beautiful and has a hell of a lot more character than straight hair, but I can understand why so many black women feel the need/desire to change their hair. After all, every culture does something different, right? Dyeing, bleaching, curling, straightening, braiding, and then there's the topic of white guy dreadlocks (GROSS)... most people change their natural hair in one way or another. I guess the sad part is hearing the black women who say that their natural hair is somehow unacceptable. No hate on my end, as I've done lots of things to my ratty hair, including dyeing it rainbow colors and straightening it semi-regularly. Trust me when I say that I'm frequently annoyed by my curly Jew hair, so I get it. It makes perfect sense.

Anyway, watch this if you get the chance.


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