Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Things that have happened today (i.e. almost nothing).

I saw my old friend Emma a couple of nights ago at our friend's birthday party. I hadn't seen Emma in quite a while, so it was nice to have the opportunity to catch up with her. She's been working/living on a farm up in Petaluma and I had dozens of questions for her; specifically, are there any baby farm animals she can cuddle? When she told me that there are three-month-old piglets I was bursting with joy. Until, that is, she mentioned that they will eventually be slaughtered and eaten. Now, I've been vegetarian since January 1999 (my twelve year anniversary is this month! Hurray!!!), so hearing about this made me slightly queasy. How can you eat your pets? She told me about how they slaughter the chickens, too; they pet them gently and calm them down until they're relaxed and then slice their throats.

Earlier today, I asked my mom to bring home an iced soy latte for me. When she arrived, she sat down with me and I told her about seeing Emma and then decided to tell her all about what Emma had told me about living on the farm. When I casually mentioned the story about the chickens, I looked up to see my mom crying, which made me laugh hysterically. Omnivore's guilt? It was absolutely hilarious. She couldn't stop laughing and crying, which made me explode with laughter. Every single time I would calm down enough to start talking again, there she was, glassy eyes and all. It was pure comedic gold.

Aside from that, today has been a big pile of NOTHING. I think my boyfriend and I have worked out our next travel plans, which will be over Valentine's Day after all. I AM EXCITED YAY!!!!!!


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