Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Did YOU get to pet a chicken today?

Today I went to the farm where my friend Emma is currently living/working, which meant that I was able to pet cows, calves, chickens, an amazing dog named Joey (EEHEHEHHEE), and a cat. There were more cats and two pigs, but I didn't pet any of them because I'm stupid. There was also a precious 2-year-old named Hazel who kept asking me to push her on the tire swing. I liked her and wish I could babysit her.

These pictures are of Joey the dog. He is amazing and
followed me around a lot.

I forget his name, but he is cute and drinking milk because he's still a little baby.

It was really interesting to see the lifestyle they live on this farm. They don't sell their milk, but they do some sort of trading with people... or something. I wasn't too clear on it. They have raw milk and make yogurt, ice cream, and butter, as well as making their own kombucha. They also have fresh eggs, which must be pretty convenient. They don't have a television but they do have one computer. Their life revolves around their farm, which is admirable to me because I could NEVER give that sort of dedication; traveling is crucial in my life, and they almost never have time off. Emma said that the 11-year-old boy reads a lot, which is good because most preteens spend their time on the computer and/or playing video games. The lifestyle there seemed so... wholesome. I felt like a stupid "city girl" when I pulled up in the driveway and got out wearing Converse and a skirt. Granted, the skirt was a black raggedy American Apparel thing that I didn't mind getting dirty (which is good, because one of the calves slobbered all over me while trying to eat my hoodie).

I really enjoyed touching the chickens. I think my initial enthusiasm terrified all of them, but I eventually managed to pet a few when Emma showed me how to do it properly. I'd really had no idea just how soft they would be, so it was pleasantly surprising to feel their silky feathers. There was another breed that was really scary looking, and I'm not sure what they're called, but they looked something like this:

Way scarier than that, though. I'm having trouble figuring it out because there are a ton of breeds, apparently... what an interesting experience it was!


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