Monday, January 31, 2011

Coconut water = BLISS.

For months my boyfriend has been recommending this specific brand of coconut water, but I hadn't tried it until tonight. Previously, my coconut water experiences were limited to the Naked brand, which was really, really mediocre and turned me off of the stuff completely. Tonight, however, I was at the grocery store down the street and this caught my eye. At $3 a bottle (LAME) I felt stupid buying it, but I'd been reading some really great things about the health benefits of coconut.

Apparently, coconut water does all kinds of good things. You can read about it in depth here, but I'll post my favorite parts for ya'll right here.
  1. Lower calories and more nutritious than milk
  2. Very high in potassium
  3. Extremely high in electrolytes, which makes it perfect to rehydrate while being sick with gastrointestinal issues. Seriously! It seems that coconut water is the healthiest thing to drink next to plain water, but it has so many additional nutrients! It is useful for anyone suffering from vomiting. Excellent to know this.
  4. Coconut water is even so awesome that it was actually used in World War II for injured soldiers; coconut water worked as a replacement for plasma! Amazing! You can't do that with orange juice, that's for sure.
I loved my expensive coconut water and I expect that I will soon become obsessed. If I could have my refrigerator stocked with cold water, Synergy kombucha (Cosmic Cranberry or Superfuits, please), and a huge amount of coconut water, I would be very happy and very hydrated and healthy.

DRINK COCONUT WATER! I'm also going to begin incorporating more coconut milk and raw coconut into my diet.


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